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Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement

OTTAWA – On Wednesday, September 6, 2023, the Bank of Canada will announce its decision on the target for the overnight rate. A press release will provide a brief explanation of the decision.Time

10:00 (Eastern Time)Lock-Up

At 08:30 (ET), journalists are invited to review the rate announcement press release, under embargoat the Bank’s head office in Ottawa. Please use the Bank of Canada Museum entrance, located at 30 Bank Street (corner of Bank and Wellington), and bring photo ID.

For security reasons, journalists wishing to attend must confirm their presence by contacting Media Relations before noon (ET) on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. Those who have not registered will not be admitted to the lock-up.

At 10:00 (ET), the lock-up ends and the embargo is lifted.Media Briefing Session

There will be no briefing session for this event.Distribution

The press release will be available at 10:00 (ET) on the Bank’s website.Media Availability

There will be no media availability for this event.Webcast

There will be no webcast for this event.Note

For more information, please contact Media Relations.

Source: Bank of Canada