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Family, Activists Demand Release of Security Camera Video in Banko Brown Slaying

SAN FRANCISCO — Family and activists advocating for Banko Brown rallied in front of Manny’s Monday night in the Mission, where District Attorney Brooke Jenkins cancelled a scheduled appearance. 

They’re demanding that she release video evidence in the case.

“We want her to release these tapes because if it really was self-defense, where’s the video,” said Mystic Caesar.   

Caesar says she and Brown were in a close relationship for years.  

“We are here trying to get Justice for Banko” said Caesar.  

Advocates for Brown, including Recall Jenkins organizers hope more public pressure will influence the city’s top prosecutor to release surveillance video of the deadly encounter. 

“It’s going to be meaningful to release the tapes because people are going to see that that shouldn’t have happened,” said Nancy Robles of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. 

Jenkins initially discharged the case citing lack of evidence, and says a final charging decision will be made when the investigation is complete. 

“There’s no point of holding onto it.  If it was self defense why not release it,” said Caesar.   

But earlier in the day, Jenkins issued a statement asking for patience as the Brown investigation continues.

“Banko Brown’s killing was a tragedy that has deeply impacted our city and our diverse communities,” she said acknowledging the demands. ” My heart goes out to Banko’s family and friends. There is no issue I take more seriously than when there is a life lost in our city.”

“The investigation into the killing of Banko Brown is ongoing. I hear and understand the concerns from people calling for transparency, but releasing any evidence before the investigation is complete could compromise the investigation and is unethical.”

Some residents including Antonio Morton, a former security guard, believe giving authorities time to complete and present their case without compromising the investigation, makes better sense.

“I think two weeks isn’t an unreasonable time, maybe if it’s after several months then maybe you start wondering,” said Morton. 

The Democratic club that invited Jenkins for an event  Monday night, posted a sign saying it was postponed because of a scheduling conflict. 

That didn’t stop Brown’s loved ones from voicing their frustration and calls..   

“That shouldn’t be happening to anybody. It could have been her, me.  It could have been anybody outside,” said Caesar.  

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is expected to pass a resolution Tuesday, urging the release of information gathered by investigators, including surveillance video of the incident.

“We want to have a safe city and part of having a safe city is to show everybody that no one’s above the law that the law is applied fairly across the board, and so the showing the videotape here is going to help us understand what actually happened,” Board of Supervisor President Aaron Peskin told CBS News Bay Area in an interview.  

Source : CBS