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Manitoba Government Appoints New Board to Tackle MPI Strike, Cost Overruns

The Manitoba government has appointed a new board of directors to oversee Manitoba Public Insurance amid current challenges, Justice Minister Matt Wiebe, the minister responsible for MPI, announced Friday.

The board’s top priority will be to resolve the current strike with an agreement that is both fair to employees and responsible to Manitoba ratepayers, Wiebe noted.

“We are acting quickly to appoint a proven team of leaders dedicated to setting a new direction and preserving our public auto insurance model,” Wiebe said.

“There is a clear need for oversight, accountability and a new relationship with employees, and I am confident that this board has the experience and ability to find that ground.”

Since Aug. 28, MPI’s 1,700 employees have been on strike, and the minister has disclosed that the cost of revamping the corporation’s technology systems has escalated to almost $300 million.

Additionally, the organization is undergoing an external organizational review, as Wiebe pointed out.

Carmen Nehodin, the former chairperson for the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission, will be taking the role of chairperson for the new board of directors.

Nehodin will be joined by a diverse team, including former MPI employees, labour and community leaders, and specialists in asset management, information technology and actuarial science.

The new board members, in no particular order, include:

  • Marilyn McLaren – former president and CEO, Manitoba Public Insurance; former board chair, United Way Winnipeg; former board chair, Harvest Manitoba.
  • Gina McKay – president, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Manitoba.
  • Luke Johnston – vice-president and chief risk officer, Manitoba Blue Cross; former chief actuary and vice-president, product and risk management, MPI.
  • Candy Wong – portfolio manager, international strategies, environmental, social and governance (ESG) and risk management, Civil Service Superannuation Board of Manitoba.
  • Fran Frederickson – former school trustee; former board member, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries; former insurance broker; former MPI employee specializing in instructional design.
  • JD Devgan – MLA for McPhillips; former director of government and community engagement, University of Manitoba; former vice-president, Sikh Society of Manitoba.
  • Diane Roussin (returning member) – dedicated community leader working to protect the rights of Indigenous families; proud member of Skownan First Nation.
  • Christian Dandeneau – co-founder and CEO of ID Fusion, an Indigenous-owned company; member of the federal external advisory committee on regulatory competitiveness; proud of his francophone Métis heritage.

“I am excited to start working with the board and want to thank all members for accepting this responsibility,” Wiebe said.

“This board will stay on top of operations and provide the oversight required to return MPI to its once great status as a leader in the field providing Manitobans with affordable insurance.”

Source : Global News