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Putin Called The Incident in The Bryansk Region A Terrorist Attack

MOSCOW – The attack by Ukrainian militants in the Bryansk region is a terrorist act, they fired at a civilian car, seeing that there were children in it, Vladimir Putin said , commenting on the situation in the region bordering Ukraine”. “(Neo-Nazis and terrorists. – Ed. note) <…> today they committed another terrorist act, another crime. They entered the border area and opened fire on civilians.

They saw that it was a civilian car, they saw that civilians were sitting there “faces and children. They opened fire on them. It was these people who set themselves the task of depriving us of historical memory, depriving us of their history, depriving us of our traditions, language,” the head of state said at a meeting with participants in the Mentor’s School educational program.These crimes are committed by neo-Nazis and their masters, Putin continued. In his opinion, these very owners will not even pay attention to today’s attack, but in the end, Russia’s opponents will not succeed, “we will crush them,” the president concluded.

In the morning , a Ukrainian sabotage group penetrated the territory of the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region, the governor of the region Alexander Bogomaz reported . In the village of Lubechan, its participants fired at a car – one local resident was killed, a ten-year-old child was injured. In addition, in the village of Sushany, which is also located in the Klimovsky district, a residential building caught fire from a shell dropped from a Ukrainian drone.The Center for Public Relations of the FSB said that a special operation was being carried out at the site of the state of emergency against armed Ukrainian nationalists who violated the border. The forces of the Ministry of Defense also participate in it.

The Kremlin’s press service noted that the president promptly receives reports on the situation. The heads of the Ministry of Defense, the FSB and the Russian Guard inform Putin about the measures that the security forces are taking to counter terrorists.

Source: RIA.RU