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The State Duma Proposed to Pay for Vacation Trips to Relatives of The Dead Military

Deputies from the LDPR party offer to pay for plane or train tickets for relatives of the dead servicemen when they decide to go on vacation. The Izvestia newspaper writes about this with reference to the bill.

As conceived by the authors of the document, the benefit can only be used in Russia and once a year. We are talking about any form of transport, except for a taxi. The initiative was supported by deputies from United Russia and other factions, the bill has already been sent to the government for review. 

Now, according to the law, the military and members of their families have the right to one trip a year to the place of vacation and back at the expense of the state, one of the authors of the project, deputy Vladimir Koshelev, recalled in a conversation with the newspaper. However, if a soldier dies, his family loses this benefit. “We consider it logical to keep it [this right],” the deputy said.

Only those families that have received the status of “lost breadwinners” are entitled to pay for travel, Vladimir Koshelev added.

“All initiatives to support the families of our heroes should be carefully considered. Now they need help from the state, and it will certainly be in the required volumes, ”the United Russia deputy Viktor Zubarev supported the idea.

A unified support center for participants in a military operation and their familiesVladimir Novikov / Press Service of the Mayor of Moscow / Moskva Agency

In February, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly, called for “surround with care and honor” the participants in the war in Ukraine. He suggested creating  a special fund to help veterans of the war in Ukraine and the families of fallen soldiers. According to Putin’s idea, this fund will provide  social, medical and psychological assistance, as well as provide the military and their families  with sanatorium treatment.

Deputy Alexander Yakubovsky calls to consider the idea of ​​paying for the families of the dead soldiers vacation tickets as a continuation of work on the implementation of the President’s message. 

After the start of the war in Ukraine, the authorities introduced benefits for its participants, then extended them to the mobilized. For example, the mobilized retain their jobs, they are entitled to credit holidays in the bank and can quickly marry. 

Source: The Moscow Times