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Tom Holland Is ‘Dangerous,’ Under Suspicion and Desperately Alone in ‘The Crowded Room’

Tom Holland‘s latest project will send chills down your spine.

The Spider-Man actor is executive producing, and starring in, an upcoming Apple TV+ thriller titled The Crowded Room. In the streamer’s first trailer released Wednesday, it’s instantly made clear that nothing is a coincidence.

Holland, 26, plays Danny Sullivan — an unsuspecting man who is arrested after a 1979 shooting in New York City. Through a series of interrogations by detective Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried), Danny’s unusual past comes to light, including a stranger who saved his life.

As Holland’s Danny says he thought he was “lucky” to have the grace of a stranger, Seyfried’s character Rya asks: “Have you ever been lucky?”

Though Danny seems to be a man wrapped up in something much bigger than him — maybe even wrongfully accused — detectives urge Rya to look deeper at Danny’s potential involvement in the tragedy.

“This wasn’t a random shooting,” Seyfried’s Ryan is told by a man named Stan. “He’s hiding something.”

It’s through another interrogation that Rya — and the viewer — learn that Holland’s Danny has “blank spots” in his memory.

“They’re not the only people close to you to disappear, are they?” Rya asks.

Despite the mounds of evidence that appear to be stacked against the lonesome Danny, Seyfried’s Rya has faith in him. “If I’m right, Danny may be innocent,” she says.

“What are you not telling me?” she confronts Holland’s Danny. “What are you not telling yourself?”

Alongside Seyfried and Holland, The Crowded Room will feature Emmy Rossum, Sasha Lane, Will Chase and Lior Raz as leads. Seyfried’s real-life husband Thomas SadoskiJason Isaacs, Christopher Abbott and Zachary Golinger will appear as guest stars.

The first three episodes of The Crowded Room will premiere June 9 on Apple TV+ with additional episodes airing Fridays through July 28.

Source : People