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Toronto is warning residents about “wild baby season.”

According to the city, if someone sees a baby animal on its own they should not assume they are abandoned.

“Please keep a safe distance and give them the space to thrive and grow,” the city said in a Twitter post Monday.

Additionally, at the start of April, Toronto announced that feeding wild life was prohibited.

“Feeding wildlife can have serious impacts to both animals and the community,” it said.
That’s why the city posted ads reminding Torontonians that raccoons and other notable wildlife are not pets and should not be fed.

They also add that it’s common to encounter wild animals in the city and that it’s important to stay clear as they can bite, scratch, or potentially transmit diseases, such as rabies to people and pets.

“We encourage you to learn more about their behaviour and how to co-exist peacefully so that sharing our space is safe and enjoyable for all.”

Source: nowtoronto